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Mobile quickly constructed buildings

We offer new solutions in the construction field - mobile quickly constructed buildings.

Field of application of mobile buildings:

  • Covers for sports structures: tennis courts, ice hockey rinks, gym halls, pools.
  • Production premises: shops, hangars, garages, construction sites, service stations.
  • Entertainment centers, exhibitions, circuses, coffee-houses, aqua parks, film studios, graineries.
  • Mobile building of medical purpose.
  • Mobile quickly erected pavilions, tents.

Main advantages of mobile buildings:

  • Possibility and simplicity of repeated erection and disassembly.
  • Quick erection, mobility.
  • Installation practically on any kinds of soils.
  • Covering large areas (up to 8000 m2) without erection of support members inside buildings.
  • Safety (structure is safe in case of emergencies).
  • Transportability.
  • Wind loads stability.
  • Excellent appearance, radio transparency, light permeability.

The mobile quickly erectable buildings are ideally suitable for arrangement of sports complexes, making it possible for them to function all the year round, in particular pools and tennis courts.

The shapes, dimensions and colors of mobile building may be most various. All the engineering projects are developed individually for each customer and meet his demands to the fullest extent.