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The air-supported structure comprises a flexible shell in strong reinforced fabric without metal members, which is attached in air-tight way on the appropriate foundation. Air is fed inside the shell, developing excessive pressure and providing support for the structure. The design is safe and reliable in operation. The pressure drop experienced by a person who enters inside the air-supported building is approximately equal to pressure drop experienced during descending on lift from the sixth storey.

The air-supported structure is the best solution for those cases when large light space without supports is required. Sports areas, inflatable tennis courts, entertainment centers, pools, exhibition pavilions,, service stations, inflatable hangars, temporary buildings, temporary structures, storage and production premises ľ this is not nearly full list of possible spheres of use of such structures. The air-supported structures may be located on roofs of usual buildings, providing an additional storey.

Advantages of air-supported buildings:

  • possibility of covering large areas;
  • low cost in comparison with permanent buildings and structures;
  • low level of expenses for maintenance and operation;
  • quick erection and disassembly;
  • spectacular appearance, light permeability;
  • safety, seismic resistance;
  • possibility of installation in different climatic zones;
  • possibility to use the dome for advertising purposes.

The simplest forms of air-supported buildings are provided by conjugate cylindrical and spherical surfaces. We also mastered technologies used for manufacture of air-supported structures having complicated hyperbolic and parabolic structures, constructions combining several surfaces. In this case, inflated dome may be both symmetric and asymmetric.

The qualification level of our specialists makes it possible to implement the most various architectural ideas, find optimum variants of solutions, dependent on particular local conditions and spatial possibilities.

We have an experience of manufacture of structures with area of 15 to 7700 m2, and height of 5 to 25 meters. We have an experience of installation of air-supported structures both on horizontal and inclined sites of changing altitude, with possibility of fastening the shell to vertical walls of buildings or objects of natural escape.

Components of air-supported structure:

Shell (main or internal one)
The shell is manufactured of technical fabric covered with polymer on PVC base. The internal (energy saving) shell is included in delivery set when operating conditions of the air-supported building provide for heating or cooling. The fabrics used by us for manufacture of the shell are optimally chosen by such parameters as strength, wear resistance, adhesion, UV radiation resistance, resistance to action of petrol and oils, air- and water tightness, plasticity and durability. The fabrics have the temperature range of operation of -30░C to + 70░Đ, service life of more than 15 years and high degree of protection from ultraviolet radiation.

Foundation support
Since the air-supported structure contains air under pressure, the shell tries to "separate" from ground surface. This is prevented by foundation. This may be of two types: ballast or piled foundation. The ballast foundation may be monolithic one concreted with the help of formwork, or manufactured from concrete blocks laid along perimeter. The piled foundation comprises piles screwed or driven into ground.

Set for fastening shell to foundation
It comprises a set of steel corners and anchor bolts providing fastening of the shell of air-supported structure to its foundation.

Heating & ventilation plant
It delivers air inside the air-supported building and consists of ventilation plant with centrifugal fan and heating unit for heating air inside the air-supported structure. The source of energy for the said heating unit may be provided by gas, fuel oil, electricity or hot water.

Unit of backup air delivery
In case the main fan is de-energized, the unit of backup air delivery shall be switched on automatically. The unit is provided with diesel engine, automatic start and stop mechanism, storage battery, automatic battery charging mechanism, pressure sensor, fuel tank for 24 hours of operation and control panel.

Air-lock systems (rotating door, cargo exit, transport air lock)
Such systems are designed for moving through shell of the air-supported building without loss of pressure. The most convenient air lock for people with a high throughput capability is provided by rotating door. The cargo exit and transport air lock are use for moving large-sized objects into air-supported building. If required, several air-lock systems may be used simultaneously.

Lighting sources (floodlights)
The floodlights attached to the air-supported dome have special protective units for protection in case of emergency fall. The floodlights may be installed on special masts disposed along the perimeter of the air-supported structure.

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