Swimming pools

The inflatable swimming pools are a great alternative to the stationary ones. If you do not have the opportunity to install a stationary pool at home or at your country house, if you do not want to spend time and money on the installation, if you cannot afford a stationary pool, but you still don’t want to deny yourself the pleasure of swimming, then the most suitable option for you is an inflatable pool.
The inflatable pool inflates and deflates in a matter of minutes. When deflated, its dimensions do not exceed the size of a large travel bag and you can take it anywhere with you – to your villa, on a picnic, you can set it up in your yard, inside the house and even on the roof.

The inflatable pools are made of durable and reliable PVC material. We will manufacture pools of any color, shape, size and volume, according to your order.

Simple installation process, mobility and at the same time, reliability – these are the main advantages of inflatable pools.

If you think that the inflatable pool does not meet all your requirements, then we can offer you an assembled swimming pool.

All swimming pool models can optionally be equipped with a ladder or a slide.