Tent structures
The aluminum tent frame structure (abbreviated as SOAL-TEC or "Soal-Tek") is a tent and frame structure developed by experts from Vector Company, designed to create a space, isolated from the outside environment.

The tent structure provides protection from:

• rainfall;
• wind;
• UV light;
• temperature influences of the environment.

Depending on the design, the “Solar-Tek” structures offer different degrees of protection against these factors.

The following designs are possible:

• a frame with one outer shell;
• a frame with two shells – inner and outer one;
• a frame with two shells and thermal insulation.

The latest variant of the “Solar-Tek” design is, in terms of its protective properties, equivalent to a brick building with a wall thickness of 4.5 m. The “Solar-Tek” frame and tent constructions are highly mobile, quickly assembled and lightweight.

Areas of use:

• production facilities;
• warehouses of warm and cold operation;
• hangars for construction, aircraft, agricultural, energy and other equipment;
• sports areas, swimming pools, mini stadiums;
• agricultural buildings – farms, storages, greenhouses;
• temporary shelters, military bases and hospitals.

Modes of operation:

• temperature: from -60...-30 C to +70 C (depending on the awning materials used);
• wind zone: from I to VI wind zones (according to SNiP 2.01.07-85);
• snow load: up to 70 kgf/cm2;
• lifetime of the frame: more than 50 years.

You can find the technical details and further information on the website - vector-build.com