About our company

Vector Ltd. is an international manufacturer of a wide range of entertainment equipment. We have been operating on this market for over ten years.

Inflatable and plastic water slides, pool slides, water rides; water playgrounds, water towables and sleds; children’s powerboats; bouncy houses; inflatable slides; children’s play complexes; inflatable mazes; children’s playgrounds; inflatable pools, soft playrooms, pool equipment – this is not even a complete list of all of our products.

The basic principle of our company’s activity is to satisfy our customer’s needs to a maximum extent. When choosing a product every detail is being discussed: the model range, color, design, place of operation and all other factors, which could affect the design and functionality of the product.

We develop exclusive models, which combine the ideas of the customer, our designers and, most importantly, the practical experience of our customers. The original designs and full color printing on the PVC fabric will give the product a unique artistic look, while the branding elements – of your company, or your sponsor’s – will draw the attention of customers.

How are our attractions made?

From the idea to its realization, the new product has a long way to go. The design, construction and technical documentation phase is based on state-of-the-art technology. Then comes the manufacturing stage. Our highly qualified specialists, the hand assembling and constant quality control guarantee the functionality and reliability of our products. We use advanced technologies of manufacturing inflatable and plastic products and metal structures.

Who are our clients?

Entrepreneurs, working in the entertainment industry, recreation parks, private beaches, cultural and entertainment centers, sanatoriums and children’s health camps, private clients. Each customer has their own needs and financial capabilities, and we strive to satisfy all their wishes.

Warranty and after-sales service, repair and consultation services, flexible system of discounts and the attention towards our customer’s wishes guarantee mutually beneficial forms of cooperation with everyone who contacts us. The key to our success is in your effective activity.

Our address:

Vector Ltd, Bulgaria, Plovdiv Region, Trud, Karlovsko shose 16B