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  • Variety of geometric shapes
    We manufacture playrooms of different geometrical shapes (square, oval and round ones), which provides the unique appearance of the product and reasonable use of play space.

  • Thematic performance
    We provide playrooms arranged according to the theme proposed by the customer.

  • Exclusive nature of models
    90% of the models manufactured by us have an individual nature taking into consideration all the wishes of the customer.

  • Individual design
    While designing any play complex, we take into consideration characteristics of premises intended for installation, determine individually the entrance to the playroom and think through the movement path providing the optimum use of the play space. If required, the customer determines the element included in the play complex at his own discretion.

  • Possibility of introduction of additional equipment
    The customer has the possibility to use reasonably his own funds, choosing the base composition of labyrinth with subsequent addition of play elements.

  • Safety of operation
    The design of each children’s playroom has the optimum characteristics providing its safe operation.

  • Flexibility of use
    The playroom is usually operated in premises. If required, it may be additionally equipped with removable roof and side blinds to be used in summer on open areas.

  • Convenience of mounting and dismounting
    Mounting the play complex is carried out for 1 to 4 days, depending on its dimensions, and dismounting – for 1 day. The assembly and disassembly processes present no difficulties. If desired, supervision of erection may be provided. Simplicity of mounting and dismounting makes it possible to change easily installation place of the complex, to provide its most efficient use.

  • Use of national materials
    70% of materials used for manufacture of the complex are the material of national manufacture, which is reflected on the product price and provides advantage of our offer, in comparison with foreign similar products. We use only quality materials providing such important performance parameter as durability. In our practice, the cases of guarantee service had a unit nature. Restoration or replacement of some most loaded play elements was carried out after 2-5 years of active continuous use.

During sale of our product, we present the technical certificate, conclusion of sanitary and epidemiological service, assembly instruction and 12-month guarantee for product.

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