Playroom Vector advantages
  • Variety of geometric shapes
    We manufacture playrooms of various geometric shapes (square, rectangular, oval, round), which allows us to give the product an original appearance and make the best use of the play space.

  • Thematic design
    We carry out the design of the playrooms on the theme, suggested by the customer.

  • Model exclusivity
    90% of the orders we carry out are made on an individual basis, taking into account the wishes of the customer.

  • Individual design
    When designing a game complex, we take into account the layout of the room; the entrance to the playroom is individually determined, the path of movement is designed to ensure optimum use of the play area. If necessary, the customer himself decides which game elements should be included in the complex.

  • Possibility of introduction of additional equipment
    The customer has the opportunity to use their own funds rationally, choosing the basic configuration of the labyrinth with the subsequent addition of game elements.

  • Safety of operation
    The design of the children's playroom has optimal characteristics that ensure its safe operation.

  • Versatility of use
    The game room is usually used indoors. If desired, it can be additionally equipped with a removable roof and side curtains for use in open areas in the summer.

  • Ease of installation and dismantling
    Depending on the size, a playground complex can be assembled within 1-4 days, and disassembled within 1 day. The process of assembly and disassembly is not difficult and if desired, installation supervision can be provided. The simplicity of the installation and dismantling process allows you to easily change the place of installation to the most profitable use of the complex.

  • Use of domestic materials
    Domestic materials account for 70% of the materials used in the manufacture of the playrooms, which is reflected on the product price and provides advantage of our offer, in comparison with foreign counterparts. Only high-quality materials are used, providing such an important operational indicator as durability. We have only isolated cases of warranty service in our practice. Restoration or replacement of individual, heavily used game elements, is usually carried out after 2 - 5 years of intensive continuous operation.

When selling our product, we provide a technical passport, the conclusion of the sanitary and hygienic service and assembly instructions. The product warranty is 12 months.