Children’s playrooms, game labyrinths

Children’s playrooms are the most popular play equipment for parks, playgrounds, shopping malls, entertainment centers, cafes and restaurants. While children are having fun, filled with joy and excitement, their parents can shop in the store or relax in the café without any worries. The presence of a bright children’s room with a game labyrinth will favorably distinguish you from your competitors.

Completed projects

The soft room Neposeda is not just a children’s complex, it is a multi-level play maze with soft and safe equipment.

In the soft playroom, you can bounce on the hanging trampoline, go through the labyrinth, climb the soft stairs, go down the sloping hill into the spacious pool with colorful balls and hit the numerous punching bags. And all of this is perfectly safe – a bright mesh protects the children from falling down, and the thousand colorful balls protect them from getting hurt.

In addition to the standard ones, we develop individual models of children’s soft rooms and game labyrinths for specific room sizes, taking into account the wishes in terms of shape, design and game equipment.