Peculiarities of operation of water sledges

The water sledge is the most popular and mastered kind of entertainments on water.

To organize this kind of business, a motor boat, water motorcycle or launcher is required.

For operation of 2-4 seats "Banana", "Shark" or "Shuttle" sledge, a launch is required with engine power of 30 hp.

The water sledge for six persons and "Bullet" high-speed recreation facility will require the launch or motor boat engine power of 50 hp.

"Bullet" requires use of motor boat with small turning radius.

The power of water motorcycle required for towing the water sledge is not less than 70 hp..

The water sledges shall be serviced by two persons – motor boat driver and cashier being simultaneously a trainer and rescuer.

The water sledges are very popular in mass recreation places - beaches, sea shores, river banks, recreation areas, aqua parks, sanatoria.