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Peculiarities of operation of water slides and aquatic attractions

Your beach will not be a modern and attractive one without equipment for entertainment on water aquatic attractions.

Nowadays a comprehensive equipment of beach zone became very popular, with collection of general payment instead of separate payment for each kind of attraction.

The experience of their operation has shown correctness of such alternative. We recommend equipping such beach with stationary water slide with pool and mobile slide of "Wave" series. For provision entertainments on water, a water trampoline with catapult, slide and beam are suitable. For kids, a 0.6 m deep pool with sea water is intended. Water seesaws will provide a good supplement.

As stationary slides, we recommend water slides with pool having descent length up to 15 meters. As a rule these are "Cascade" or "Arc" slides. All the categories of vacationers may enjoy these two kinds of slides both children and adults.

The stationary water slides are installed on support tower or onshore structure (pier, wave cutter, etc.). Both alternatives have their own advantages. In case of installation on onshore structure youll save money at the expense of support tower. And when a support tower is available, you may install your slide at any place.

Youll provide supply of electric energy to the place of slide installation, in order the electric water pump is able to run. In this case, electric energy consumption is about 1 kW.h, depending on pump power. The water consumption is 4 m3/h and more. The water intake may be carried out directly from sea, river, lake, pool or water supply line.

If the slide is installed with descent directly to water body, in case of any storm, it shall be partially deflated and rolled up in a safe place. This reverse process will take a very little time.

Recommendation to customers with great experience of work it is more advantageous to install a slide with pool. There is no danger of any storm or gale. On the contrary, during such time, attendance of the slide is increased.

If required, the pool may be used as an autonomous unit for water entertainments of kids. The tower is recommended to be installed rather far off the coastline, to exclude its washing out with water.

Well design and manufacture any Water slide to your individual order with consideration of terrain relief and your wishes.

Among all beach attractions, so called slippery football is worth noting. Certain organizational skills may be required from the owners for conducting a continuous football competition with participation of teams with number of players up to five persons each. Two half-times of 5-10 minutes each, at the end of the day - final series for top prize, for example, a pack of mineral water. And such competitions are conducted every day. Up to 20 persons may take part in the game during one hour.