Peculiarities of operation of inflatable bouncers, combos and slides

The bouncers, inflatable combos and slides are used for equipment of city parks, recreation areas, playgrounds.

One of the main features of inflatable bouncers, combos, slides and other park equipment manufactured by us is their mobility, possibility of a quick installation at any convenient place.

Mobility and simplicity of installation make it possible for operators to move over parks and recreation areas or even region. Thus the operator of the inflatable attractions becomes a welcome guest for organizers of any city festival.

For installation, a flat area corresponding to bouncer dimension and supply of electric energy for operation of fan with consumed power of 1 kW/h) are required. The fans are supplied together with bouncers.

The inflatable attractions work with a continuous air boosting. So pressure in the product is adjusted automatically depending on the load.

Organization of work requires two persons. Such payment scheme may be used: payment for time passed in the attraction and ticket for entrance to mini park, when a complex of several attractions is installed. The bouncer stay time is determined by organizer of attractions hire.

To organize hire of disco-boats with electric drive a pool is required. Its area shall be not less than 100 m2. In case there is no suitable stationary pool, we offer several versions of convenient assembled pools.